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Our  proofreaders will examine your essay, dissertation or thesis in detail in order to refine and polish your entire document. We have specialists from various fields of study, such as law, psychology, sociology, business management, engineering, and English literature. 

​Track changes and comments features in Word will be employed to make amendments and recommendations for further improvements. For both the Advanced and Premium Plan, an initial review of your document will focus on repairing grammatical, lexical or spelling errors. Further edits will then be undertaken to enhance sentence structure, academic style and tone,  cohesion and logical development.

When a style guide is specified, we will verify that there is consistency in citing/referencing, formatting and page layout, and adjustments made where necessary. The following elements are examples of items that will be checked:

  • Adherence to APA, Harvard or MLA , Chicago and MHRA styles 

  • Word appropriacy

  • Academic tone and style

  • Sentence structure (including run-ons and fragments)

  • Syntax and paragraph structure

  • Concision: removal of repetition and redundancy

  • Coherence and logical development

  • Grammar and punctuation 

  • Presentation, formatting and referencing consistency

  • Passive and active voice

  • Cohesion, including reference words and linking words

We will do our upmost to ensure that the finished  document expresses your ideas and arguments with clarity, concision and elegance, reflecting the entirety your dedicated endeavours. 

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