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Powerpoint presentations

When presenting to a group, whether in a small classroom or a large symposium, having even one error can interrupt the flow of your overall presentation. Avoid this by submitting your presentation or lecture materials for proofreading before you present.

We will adjust  citations and references where necessary, so that they are consistent with referencing guidelines. Our proofreader and editors will further review the format, design and overall effect of the slides, with a particular focus on:

  • Appropriacy of font style/size

  • Contrast between text and background

  • Palette

  • Visual power/impact

Lexis and Syntax
  • Concision: removal of repetition and redundancy

  • Word choice

  • Grammar and punctuation

  • Consistency of formatting and structure

  • Accuracy of citing and referencing

  • Adherence to APA, Harvard or MLA, Chicago and MHRA styles

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